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About us

Anna Piłko

Co-founder of the foundation, daughter of Sława and Izydor Wołosiański. Born during the war in August. A child of the Holocaust. A member of the Association of the Righteous Among the Nations. The owner and founder of Filtron Clima company. Success woman. Always neat and elegant, cheerful and young spirited. Woman of many passions, which are: sewing, skiing, embroidering and renovation of furniture.

Kasia Skopiec

Co-founder, Chief of Making Impossible Possible.

Cultural, PR and marketing expert, cultural manager, fundraiser.

She graduated from cultural studies at the University of Warsaw, and later also Marketing and Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. Former marketing manager and advisor at the Royal Łazienki Museum. During her professional career she held the position of Marketing Director in financial sector companies, including PZU, Compensa, Heros. The founder of industrial TV in Deutsche Bank and McDonald’s an the producer of film material for both. Coordinator of changes in the field of branding and communication, marketing and PR strategist. Introduced new brands to the market, including Vienna Life.

Winner of the Rzecznik Roku award granted by Gazeta Finansowa in 2000.

President of the „Wierni Tradycji Pokoleń” Association. An enthusiast of the Far East culture: Japan and Tibet. A mother of four children and a happy wife.

Zuzanna Obuchowicz

Zuzanna Obuchowicz is the daughter of Kasia Skopiec, granddaughter of Sława and Izydor Wołosiański. He currently lives in Scotland and is in the third year of mathematics. When she was twelve, she came back from school one day and was asked by her mother what she thinks about a girl living in her room – Sonam. She replied that if Grandma Slava could have 39 people in the basement, she probably could handle one girl.

In our foundation, he mainly writes texts on the website and translations.

Sonam Skopiec

Adopted by Kasia and Piotr in 2012. She came to Poland with a surname issued by PRC government and no first name (XXX Silanqucuo). She was formally invited by Krystyna Starczewska, Associacion of Raszyńska-Bednarska Schools’ principal, her uncle, monk Ajam and Donata Trapkowska’s Sam Dżub Ling Foundation.

She was born to a nomadic family in Tica, a poor village in the Himalayan highlands.

Kasia Kandżu Skopiec

She was adopted by Kasia and Piotr in 2017. She came to Poland in 2008 on a formal invitation from Krystyna Starczewska, Kasia and Piotr Skopiec as XXX Quimyongzhen.

As Sonam she needed to work from young age. She babysat, picked rocks from the field, gathered mushroom stems for trade and cooked, which left no time for education. She started going to school after coming to Poland, Polish at first, then other subjects. She graduated from middle school on Startowa street, got reccommended to ISLO Bednarska and continues to study there.

Wiktor Navumau

Born in belarussian Minsk in a family of doctors. Since childhood his passion was history and by the fact he was trying to correlate history of Belarus and Poland trying to find common historical and cultural roots. By 2011 he relocated to Warsaw where started Łazarski University.Another passion of his life is gastronomy which reflected in cooperation with different unique projects in Warsaw.