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Charity auction for Belarusian political refugees

„Humanosh” Slawa and Izek Wolosianki Foundation has been involved in local humanitarian activity in Poland for the past few months. Their current new project is creating „The Peaceful Home” – a shelter for refugees, which is going to be a temporary place to stay.
According to our plans, the shelter will be offering 15-20 places (incl. children), which includes bedrooms, a living room, as well as an educational classroom and a library. Rent, incl. administrative fees, is going to be aprox. 10000-15000 zl per month. The Peaceful Home plans to be active for at least 6 months, and we are currently looking for funding for this project. The initiative of the foundation is supported by our partners: Piekna Gallery Auction House and Communication Unlimited, marketing agency. We have started to collect art pieces and other unique items for auction. The money collected from the auction will be used to achieve our goals in „The Peaceful Home” project. The auction will be held in mid February 2021. We welcome support of every individual that shares our values!

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