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Plaque commemorating Izydor and Slawa’s actions installed in Drohobych

Ceremony for placing a plaque commemorating the rescue operation done by Izek and Sława Wołosiański took place on the 23rd of October 2019.

Thanks to  Shlomo Wygodny (son of Hadassa Wygodny) and The Drohobycz-Borysław organization (especially Tanya Firman) we were able to finalize it. Special thanks to Daniela and Varda for their efforts in pushing this forward.

Installing the plaque was extremely important to make a lasting testimony of this unbelievable rescue operation, especially to commemorate for Drohobycz citizens the great humanitarian undertaking done in their city. After lengthy preparations we finally got the permits needed to place the plaque on the house in Szaszkiewicza 9, where Slawa and Izek saved 39 Jewish people.

Shlomo Wygodny, Hanna Herzig (daughter of Zygmunt and Eugenia Herzig) and Viv Bayer managed to attend the ceremony. We were happy to host the representatives from the City of Drohobych, our friend Father Teodozy form Liviv, and our friends from Ivanofrankivsk: Jurij, Vika and Taya Hlynsky.

Publication in local news:


Our photographer was Igor Skopiec.