Peaceful Tibetan protests 2023-03-11

Peaceful Tibetan protest

On March 10, 2023, a group of brave freedom-loving Tibetans, forced to leave their homeland, gathered in a peaceful protest at the Free Tibet Roundabout in Warsaw, Poland, to manifest their love for their homeland, their cultural distinctiveness and their desire to bring peace and remind the world of the occupation of their country by the People's Republic of China. A few words of reminder of why 10 ...

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Bringing Cultures Together Program

Bringing Cultures Together Program

The Humanosh Foundation, together with the City of Warsaw, is carrying out the Rapprochement of Cultures program. As part of the activities, well-known actress Magda Gorska met with children at a school in Warsaw's Wola district and read them fairy tales. The program aims to better integrate children from abroad in Polish schools. How You Can Help Support the activities of our Foundation - only with your ...

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Information for employers

Information on the legal status of persons with subsidiary protection status and intending to perform work in the territory of the Republic of Poland The general rules for the employment of non-EU foreigners assume that a foreigner must also have access to the labor market (in the form of a work permit) in order to perform work in the territory of the Republic of Poland. From the general rule of having a work permit is provided for a number of ...

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