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"1000 Dreams" Exhibition

special project

The child does not draw an object or phenomenon, but his own feelings

Each little picture is the dream of a special child.

The "1000 Dreams" exhibition is a special project aimed at supporting Ukrainian families affected by the war who have been forced to leave their home country.

Behind every drawing is a child - their little story - who has the right to be heard, and this project will enable them to do so.

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Image as part of the exhibition Through the Eyes of a Child

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Exhibition Through the Eye of the Child

 To learn more about the project, visit the dedicated exhibition page.

about the Foundation

Humanosh is a combination of the English word human
and Hebrew enosh. Both words mean a person.

“Inspired by my grandparents who saved 39 Jews from the Nazis, our mission is to build a reality in which everyone feels safe and dignified, regardless of their background, race, religion or skin color.” ­­– Kasia Skopiec, founder of the Humanosh Foundation