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History of the Sztok Family


Interview with Stella Shtok 2019


Interview with Mitka Sztok 2019

Photos of the Sztok family

  1. Wolf Shtok, Austrian Military, WW1
  2. Tova Shtok and Wolf Shtok. Wedding
  3. "Krakow 45". Tova Sztok and WolfSztok. Wedding
  4. Tova Shtok, Before War
  5. Tova's Friends, Katowice, before War
  6. Stella Sztok, Mitka Sztok, Katowice, before War
  7. Stella Sztok, Katowice, before War
  8. Stella Shtok, Haifa Harbour Police
  9. Stella and nanny, Katowice, before War
  10. Mitka Shtok, wedding
  11. Mitka Shtok, Israel
  12. Mitka Shtok and friend, Israel Army
  13. Mitka Shtok, Alex Alexander. Wedding
  14. Lusiek Arad, Red Army
  15. Stella Shtok, Israel
  16. Tova and Wolf Stock, Katowice

Photos of the Sztok family

  1. Yad Vashem, third from the left Wolf Sztok, fourth Tova Sztok, Lusiek Arad's aunt - Lea on her right , first from the right Bezazel Hendel, then Hadassa Wygodny and Zofia Hendel
  2. Tovah and Wolf Jadwashem, 1984
  3. Slawa and Lusiek Arad, Rotary Club Gala
  4. Mitka, Wolf and Stella Sztok, France, Exodus Ship, 1947
  5. Mitka Shtok, Stella Shtok, France, Exodus Ship, 1947
  6. Mitka Shtok (right), Germany
  7. Mitka sister of Stella (second from left). Seated first from the right is Hersh - Stella's dad's brother
  8. Michal Arad
  9. Michael Alexander, Israel
  10. Michael Alexander, Mitka Shtok, Dana Alexander. Israel
  11. Alex Alexander, Dana Alexander, Michael Alexander. Israel
  12. Jadwashem, Tovah i-Wolf, 1984
  13. Alex, Dana, Michael, Mitka

Photos of the Sztok family

  1. Michal and Stella Arad, the apartment owner, Slava and Einat Arad in the house on Szaszkiewicza street, Drohobych
  2. Genia Shtok, Lusiek Arad standing, Yad Vashem employee, Slava with a diploma,Zofia Hendel and Stella Arad, 1984
  3. Einat (daughter of Stella), Kasia and Slawa in Wilga
  4. Einat, Michal and Stella Arad with Kasia, Sława and Anna in Wilga
  5. Yad Vashem, award ceremony, from the left: Yad Vashem employee, Tova Shtok, Stella Arad, Slava with a diploma, Hadassa, Zofia Hendel and Arie Nativ, 1984
  6. Yad Vashem, from the right: Hadassa, Tova Shtok, Yad Vashem employee, Lusiek Arad (Stella's husband), Slava, Sophia Hendel, Stella Arad
  7. Wolf Shtok 1, Tova Shtok, Israel
  8. Wolf Shtok 2, Tova Shtok, Israel
  9. Wolf Shtok, Michael Alexander, Tova Shtok, Dana Alexander, Israel
  10. Tova Shtok 1 (sitting), end of life
  11. Tova Shtok 2 (sitting), end of life
  12. Slava and Stella, Arad
  13. Mitka Shtok and Tova Shtok
  14. Mitka Shtok, Michael Alexander, Tova Shtok, Dana Alexander, Alex Alexander
  15. Einat Arad, Michal Arad, Stella Shtok, Michael Comfortable, Ramata Sharon. 1984
  16. Zosia Hendel and Genia Shtok, Slava and Hadassa Comfortable in Israel
  17. Sława Wolosiańska, Zosia Hendel and Genia Shtok in Israel
  18. Alex, Mitka, Tova, Stella
  19. Dana, Tova, Michael
  20. Einat, Fame, Stella, Old Town
  21. Kasia, Piotr, Michal, Tel Aviv
  22. Michal, Einat, Stella with Ania in a cellar in Drohobych
  23. Stella and Fame
  24. Einat, Michal, Kasia TV
  25. Michal (Stella's daughter with Shira), Israel
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