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Mirnyj House

What is Mirnyj House

This is the place where we help people forced to flee their own country.

Currently, they are mainly refugees from Ukraine, but the first Mirnyj House was established for people from Belarus. There are now four such facilities, which were established through the Foundation's efforts.

We help everyone regardless of skin color, culture or religion.

Mirnyj Dom, Kasia Skopiec, Masha

Living without worry

Mirnyj House of Refuge
These people, often forced to leave their homes and often their families in a hurry, suddenly find themselves in Poland. They don't know the language, are deprived of friends, are left to fend for themselves, and most often end up in refugee centers.
They can live at the Mirnyj House for several months without worrying about material matters. The foundation provides them with a roof over their heads, food, cleaning supplies and medical care.
Volunteers help with the formalities of legalizing their stay in Poland and finding work. The Foundation organizes vocational workshops for them, and art classes for children and young people. Residents also have a psychologist at their disposal.

Joint reconstruction


Each Mirnyj House has managed to set up a common space where residents spend time together. Sometimes they cook, watch TV, talk, and above all, they are together.


The idea of Mirnyj House is to create a substitute for a common home for refugees. Forced emigration is an overwhelming trauma, so no one should be left alone.


Mirnyj Dom from outside


There are currently more than 100 residents in 4 facilities. The list of residents is constantly changing, people who find jobs, housing, become independent and move out.


In their place are new residents. Monthly maintenance costs for one house, are very high, especially in winter. They reach up to 30,000 PLN. This sum consists of rent, heating bills, electricity, water, internet, food and cleaning products.


Why was Mirnyj House created?

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Art Auction


Every year the Foundation, together with the Beautiful Gallery and the Communication Unlimited integrated marketing agency, organizes a charity art auction - #theartofsupport. It is attended by prominent artists from Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. The auction annually generates an income of about PLN 100,000, which is entirely allocated for the maintenance of the Mirnyj Houses.


With one facility, this was sufficient, but the war forced us to open new Houses, hence the costs increased significantly. 

We help

Without your help, we will not be able to provide support to refugees.
We want you to help us provide political refugees with a cozy and welcoming place in the country where they start a new life. A place where they will receive help and support.

RAZAM - Belarusian Diaspora from Germany regularly fund the rental of one of the Mirny Houses each month. Thank you for being there.

How You Can Help

Support our Foundation's efforts to create Mirnyj Houses - only with your help can we succeed!

The founders of the foundation have been actively helping refugees for more than 15 years. Humanosh Foundation has been operating since 2020, with the help of the family, volunteers and thanks to the support of donors we help refugees and spread the story of the Wołosiański family.

Our mission is to build a reality in which every person feels safe and dignified, regardless of his or her background, race, religion or skin color.

Without your support, contributions, in-kind donations and the help of volunteers, we will not be able to continue helping.

Let's show, once again, that we are willing and able to help!

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Aksamitna 9A Street, 02-287 Warsaw

18 Podleśna St., 05-830 Nadarzyn

24A Koronowska St., 02-905 Warsaw

7 Gołkowska St., 02-905 Warsaw

How You Can Help

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Our family history

When asked if we can handle raising 14-year-old Sonam, 12-year-old Zuzia said that if her grandmother managed to help 39 people, she too could live in a room with one Tibetan girl.