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Our Tibetan needs are great, but even with small donations we can make a big difference.

School in Tica
The school offers instruction in Tibetan, which is omitted from Chinese schools. In Chinese schools, children are beaten, forced to work and malnourished. The Tibetan school in Ticy lacks everything including food. The school operates with the support of donors.

The project annually costs about 80,000 PLN

Female Tibet

Learning English


Learning English
There is a need for a teacher - a volunteer English teacher - we want to send him there to teach the children.

The total cost of the project is 20,000 PLN

Horse racing

Young boys in Tibet have a passion for horseback riding - they can also work as jockeys to support the family budget, and they have an occupation. However, they need support in buying clothing, suitable footwear, and covering transportation costs.


Equipping 1 boy is a cost of PLN 1,000

Tibet horse-drawn vehicle
How You Can Help

Support the work of our Foundation for Tibet - only with your help can we succeed!

The founders of the foundation have been actively helping refugees for more than 15 years. Humanosh Foundation has been operating since 2020, with the help of the family, volunteers and thanks to the support of donors we help refugees and spread the story of the Wołosiański family.


Our mission is to build a reality where every person feels safe and dignified regardless of their background, race, religion or skin color.


Without your support, contributions, in-kind donations, and the help of volunteers, we will not be able to continue this much-needed assistance.

Let's show, once again, that we are willing and able to help!

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about the Foundation

Humanosh is a combination of the English word human
and Hebrew enosh. Both words mean a person.

The main goal of the Humanosh Foundation is to commemorate and disseminate the history of the Righteous among the nations of the world, to fight racism and non-tolerance, and to help anyone who experiences them.

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