im. Sława and Izek Wołosiański

Humanosh Emergency Medical Team is the medical division of the Humanosh Foundation, which has been performing regular medical transports on the territory of Ukraine. Currently, the team is primarily engaged in providing medical assistance In regions where people are deprived of medical care. 

For more than 15 years, the team that makes up today's Humanosh Foundation was involved in humanitarian aid. Now, during the crisis in Belarus and the war in Ukraine, Humanosh is always there where help is needed most.


The place where we help people forced to flee From their own country. Currently, these are mainly refugees from Ukraine, but the first Mirnyj House was created for people from Belarus. Currently, there are already four such facilities.

Foundation does not employ people who deal strictly with administrative matters. Our team consists of close-knit group of people, who take care of what needs to be done. Of course, there are those responsible for formal matters, but also support the foundation In every other field.

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about the Foundation

Humanosh is a combination of the English word human
and Hebrew enosh. Both words mean a person.

The main goal of the Humanosh Foundation is to commemorate and disseminate the history of the Righteous among the nations of the world, to fight racism and non-tolerance, and to help anyone who experiences them.

The story of Sława and Izek Wołosiański

Whenever Sława was asked - "Why did you save Jews" she answered: Me? Jews? No, I did not save Jews, I saved people, friends, acquaintances.

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The Friends of Humanosh Club is a community of friends and partners of the Foundation.

It is an interest club focusing on the present and future of our world.

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