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History of the Herzig Family (from Izydor's side)


Interview with Anette and Ira, children of Lucille Lebowitz

Photos of the Herzig family

  1. Ludka Herzig
  2. Ludka Herzig and Izydor Herzig in Germany after the war
  3. Ludka Herzig (rightmost)
  4. Isidore Herzig
  5. Ludka Herzig with friends in Germany after the war
  6. Ludka's aunt Genia and her daughter Shunya sitting. Genia's son Naftali and Shunya's husband Jonah standing. Nat is still alive in Florida, USA
  7. Ludka's parents - Izydor Herzig and his wife - standing in the middle. Photo taken before the war, only Izydor made through it alive
  8. Isidore Herzig
  9. Ludka Herzig in Germany after the war
  10. Ludka Herzig in Germany after the war
  11. Ludka Herzig with her husband, 1955
  12. Teenage Anette Herzig (Ludka's daughter).
  13. Ludka Herzig - 20 years old at that time
  14. Ludka Herzig with her husband, 1960
  15. Ludka Herzig's journal
  16. Ludka Herzig's pass from an American refugee camp
  17. Ludka over Niagara
  18. Ludka in the US 1
  19. Ludka in the US 2
  20. Ludka in the US 3
  21. Ludka in the US 4
  22. Ludka's husband
  23. Isidore Herzig's letter page 1
  24. Isidore Herzig's letter page 2
  25. The notebook in english
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