Painting by Denise Schwizgebel - METAMORPHOSIS



The original painting "THE HANGED MAN (TAROT FIGURE)," by esteemed Swiss painter Denise Schwizgebel, is a work of art that inspires reflection and touches hearts. Presented during the "Rising Aeon" exhibition, the painting takes us deep into human emotions in the face of suffering. Schwizgebel used moving photographs from the war in Ukraine, taken during numerous medical and humanitarian missions organized by our Foundation, as inspiration for her interpretation. It is a work of art that not only fascinates with its depth, but also provokes reflection on the nature of human existence.

Painting technique: oil solvent free.

Dimensions: 80 x 100.


20% from the sale of the painting will go towards the work of the Humanosh Foundation.

Dimensions80 × 100 cm