Bicycles for refugees from Belarus 4

Bicycles for refugees from Belarus

On October 21, Mr. Tomasz Piatkowski, president of SKI TEAM, donated four beautiful new bicycles to the Humanosh Foundation. This is a very important gift for refugees. It restores their sense of freedom, especially for those who live in centers 15 kilometers from the nearest store.

Transfer of bicycles

Bicycles for refugees from Belarus 3

On behalf of the Slava and Izydor Wolosianski Humanosh Foundation and all the recipients, I would like to thank Mr. Tomasz Piatkowski - President of SKI TEAM for his understanding, help and joy brought to the recipients.

First bike tests

Bicycles for refugees from Belarus 2

The first bicycle of his own in Poland was given today to Victor Chumachenko, who will use the bike to commute to university and get around Warsaw - he is incredibly happy - SkiTeam

Another donated bicycle

Bicycles for refugees from Belarus 3

Currently, a teenager - 16-year-old Gleb - is staying at the Drwalewo Palace without his parents. He is being cared for by the owner of the estate, Mr. Edward Szymanski, and the Sława and Izydor Wołosiański Humanosh Foundation
Starting next week, Gleb goes to school, to which he will have to travel about 16 kilometers every day. To this boy we donated another of the bicycles donated by the store owner.

Kostya is another recipient, now that he has a bike he will be able to go to Warsaw to paci! Thank you all!

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