October 2020

Katarzyna Skopiec (right) with refugee Anna Novik, whom she offered to live in her home Photo: Dawid Żuchowicz / Agencja Gazeta

Bread and salt

Poles, are very helpful and hospitable people. The family of Piotr and Katarzyna Skopec gave shelter for several months to eight Belarusian refugees who came to Poland fleeing repression in their homeland. The Warsaw house where the Belarusians find shelter is known to many volunteers and expatriates from different countries. Thanks to the Skopce family, dozens of Belarusians have found their ... With Bread and Salt Read More "

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Bicycles for refugees from Belarus 4

Bicycles for refugees from Belarus

On October 21, Mr. Tomasz Piatkowski, president of SKI TEAM, donated four beautiful new bicycles to the Humanosh Foundation. This is a very important gift for refugees. It restores their sense of freedom, especially for those who live in centers 15 kilometers away from the nearest store. Bicycle donation On behalf of the Sława and Izydor Wołosiański Humanosh Foundation and all the recipients, I would like to thank ...

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Children helped children

Children helped children

In mid-October, at Elementary School No. 52 in Warsaw's Targówek district, with the support of the Humanosh Foundation, an action was held to help children - refugees from Belarus. The action was initiated by one of the school volunteers - grade 8 student Pola Zielinska, together with her mother. The collection was possible thanks to the support and active involvement of Anna Bartoszewska, a PE teacher at the school, who ...

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