From the life of the foundation

Peaceful Tibetan protests 2023-03-11

Peaceful Tibetan protest

On March 10, 2023, a group of brave freedom-loving Tibetans, forced to leave their homeland, gathered in a peaceful protest at the Free Tibet Roundabout in Warsaw, Poland, to manifest their love for their homeland, their cultural distinctiveness and their desire to bring peace and remind the world of the occupation of their country by the People's Republic of China. A few words of reminder of why 10 ...

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Second birthday

Second birthday

The third Mirnyj Zygmunt is already in operation. It is located on Kornowska Street, Warsaw, and can accommodate 40 people. It currently houses mainly mothers with children from Ukraine and a few men from Belarus. The house, like the others, in addition to rooms, has a large kitchen and a garden where residents can spend time together and support each other. As ...

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Integration trip to the town of Zdynia

Integration trip to the town of Zdynia

Working together on the arrangement of the Mirny House gave us the idea of a joint recreation, which at the same time will allow the integration of refugees who came to us from Belarus. On March 20-23, the Humanosh Foundation organized a short trip to the village of Zhdynia, located in the Low Beskids. The trip was held in the friendly company of Mirny Dom residents and Foundation volunteers: Irina, Sergei, Danila, Lyosha, Kati, ...

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Humanosh shared holidays

Shared Christmas

On the first day of the Catholic Christmas holidays, a group of refugees from Belarus was invited by the founder of the Humanosh Foundation to Gladyszow. In this charming place they met in Polish-Belarusian-Lemkian company to spend the New Year and Christmas celebrated in the Orthodox rite together. They stayed at ELEOS - the Orthodox Mercy Center. Among the invited guests were: Zhenia and Alla ...

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Ajam Lama our uncle

Ajam Lama our uncle

Ajam with Kasia on a walk in the Baths, visits by Chinese desidents did not prevent them from having a nice time. How You Can Help Support the work of our Foundation - only with your help can we succeed! The founders of the foundation have been actively helping refugees for more than 15 years. Humanosh Foundation has been operating since 2020, with the help of family, volunteers and thanks to ...

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