Celebrating Belarus Freedom Day at Mirny Dom

Celebrating Belarus Freedom Day at Mirny Dom

March 25 is a very important date for Belarusians around the world. It is Belarus Freedom Day, a holiday commemorating the independence of the Belarusian state in March 1918. The holiday is not recognized by Alexander Lukashenko's regime, but is celebrated by many Belarusians, especially the Belarusian opposition. On this day in Mirny Dom held a festive meeting of members of the HUMANOSH Foundation, friends of the foundation and current residents of Mirny Dom. During the meeting, new directions for helping Belarusian refugees were discussed, the needs of the foundation were discussed, and people whom the foundation has helped so far were mentioned.

Celebrating Belarus Freedom Day at Mirny Dom

Also on that day, a plaque was placed at the entrance to Mirnyy Dom, a place where political refugees from Belarus can receive assistance. At the end of the meeting a commemorative photo was taken.

Belarus Freedom Day
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