Edith Stein House

"Wroclawians we want to remember".

In 2010, under the Honorary Patronage of Professor Władysław Bartoszewski and the Mayor of Wrocław Rafał Dutkiewicz, an exhibition was held at the Edith Stein House in Wrocław entitled "Wrocław citizens we want to remember"

The exhibition was dedicated to the post-war residents of Wroclaw, who during World War II selflessly rescued Jews in various corners of then-current Poland, but after the war settled in Wroclaw and this very city became their new "little homeland". Among the stories of those featured in the exhibition was that of Sława and Izydor Wołosiański, who settled in Wrocław for a time after the war.

The title of Righteous Among the Nations is given to people who selflessly rescued Jews during the Holocaust. This Israeli decoration has so far been awarded to 23226 people from various countries around the world, including Slava and Izydor Volosianski. Not every rescuer has been honored with the title of Righteous. Sometimes insufficient evidence survived, sometimes these heroes had to pay with their lives for their actions, sometimes no one simply applied to Israel's Yad Vashem Institute.

"Breslau citizens we want to remember" are the Righteous and the rescuers, people who during the war proved that it is possible to help the weak and the persecuted and to oppose evil under any conditions. Their biographies are linked to Breslau - a special city. The change of nationality and the exchange of residents made the historical heritage of this place unique. No memories have survived about those who rescued Jews in Breslau. The Righteous living in Breslau after the war came from many other corners of pre-war Poland. The figures presented at the exhibition differ in almost everything - nationality, profession, beliefs. What they have in common is Breslau - for some the city they left, for others the beginning of a new life after the war. The intricate historical context of postwar resettlement is the common denominator and background of the events described.

The exhibition, was prepared by the Edith Stein Society, in cooperation with the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Warsaw) and the Silent Heroes Memorial at the German Resistance Memorial Foundation (Berlin), the creators of the exhibition aimed to restore the memory of people who sacrificed their lives to save others, regardless of their nationality.

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